Paranormal Investigations at Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Old South Pittsburg Hospital is well known for being one of the most haunted locations in Tennessee, if not the entire south. Paranormal groups come from all over the country to experience the very haunted halls and rooms of the Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

Dates, especially weekends and holidays, book quickly. Book your date early to ensure you get the date you want! Read more about ghost hunts and paranormal investigations at Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

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Private Investigations

One of the ways you can conduct a paranormal investigation at Old South Pittsburg Hospital is a private investigation. When booking a private investigation you and your group will be the only ones at the Hospital.

If your group is looking for a location to visit, that will test your skills and your courage, Old South Pittsburg Hospital is where you need to go.

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Public Investigations

We believe everyone should get the chance to investigate the Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Public investigations will be held on certain days so that anyone can come and enjoy this paranormal hotspot.

Public investigations have no minimum in regards to people. You can even come by yourself!

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